I can’t tell you how many times my rifle has jammed covered in sand out on the wire or underpressured stovepipes from the DI tube fouling. The parts to do all these caliber changes or barrel changes etc cost as much as buying a complete gun in that cal or length you’re changing the ACR to. As you can see, zero return was excellent for a combat arm with the removal and refitting of the Mepro21. Meh, even Hitler disapproves. Of course, these are steel parts. Until Bushy ups their QC I won’t even touch this one. I give mine 5-Stars and it’s recommended you only use high quality mags. An excellent gun and I put it through sand, mud, water, heat and cold. I mean, if you were in the field and you were depending on this thing and all of the sudden you needed a mallet to get it to work, would you give it 5 stars? you dont want screws from a pistol grip popping off? The ACR (which stands for Adaptive Combat Rifle, a modular assault rifle designed by Magpul Industries of Austin, Texas, and known initially as the Magpul Masada) sports ambidextrous controls. To test the on/off zero of the optics, I removed the Mepro 21, and reinstalled the TA-33 onto the rifle. Of course, if push came to shove 7.62×51 can do it all. If my goal is to play up the wonderfulness of the ACR, I would have just left the jam out. When I first purchased my ACR it was much less than $2k brand new. I guess it’s always about funding. I shot the 50 yard stage of the M4 Qual with the TA-33, then switched back again to the Mepro 21 for 25 yards and in. So after all of that I’ll just say if this rifle is not for you or you think that it cost to much don’t buy one and shut the hell up. It does have 6.8 kits available. You are right you have the freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean that you need to or that anyone wants to hear you complain about thing just to do it. Hellooooo, Federale: All these mags easily overrode the magazine catch, and either failed to feed or fell from the weapon after the bolt was released. Next the lack of barrels for sale again made for the army bushmaster well release barrels if they feel that the market is right for it. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Bushmaster XM-15 ORC $ 699.95. adsense alternative, Your email address will not be published. Ive seen ACR’s NIB go for a little as $1600-1800+ at various times at Bud’s. The bolt carrier stops at the end of its travel inside the receiver only (and not inside the buttstock as in the AR), and is pushed forward by a guide and spring, striping the next round from the magazine and chambering it. I ran a bore snake through the ACR’s barrel and wiped off the bolt. The ACR is also heavier than the AR. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Having served in the Marine Corpse for over 8 years and owned a Colt Direct Gas Impingement (DGI), Bushmaster DGI and a Rock River Arms PDS Carbine all in the AR-15 platform I have enough experience with these rifles to want something better. 1-in-9 twist rate may be troublesome at longer ranges with heavier bullets. I didn’t fully test the battery life, but I left it on overnight without issue. Done. REMINGTON wanted the 6.8 conversion because it was trendy. That being said lets have a look at your bitches and complaints. I have heard that they have gotten better since being bought out by “The Freedom Group”, the same people who bought Remington & DPMS. Agree with you on the reliability. With practice, sub-3 second reloads might be possible. At the same time, my fancy $35k CAD, CNC milled, robot assembled car has a break-in period. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I am not the only one. And for the name calling if I hurt your feelings I sorry. It is obviously heavier than an equivalent AR, and feels “bulkier” as well. Meaning simply that the required mainteance on the rifles we are issued as “personal weapons” is lacking. But judging by the success of the DPMS SBR, it’s likely that you’ll be able to buy this BB gun online, in big box stores and many other places that Velocity Outdoor distributes products. But the lack of a handguard forward sling swivel stud proved annoying again today, especially when moving in and out of prone, and doing lock-back reloading drills. I took a look at the R5 RGP it is nice but it is just a AR in a Shinny new stock. What exactly is “breaking-in” on your state-of-the-art, high dollar, CAD designed, CNC milled rifle? Bill Marr I understand, but a gun that gets itself so hopelessly stuck, even just one time in the break in period, hardly deserves 5 stars. It is still a pretty cool platform with unique features and ease of maintenance, and it is very fun to shoot. At 25 yards I spent 20 rounds zeroing, using an unsupported kneeling position. It’ll still be more of a target and hunting rifle for me though, not something I’d use for home defense or in my military career. Recoil sensation is milder than the AR. Holding and guiding the Bushmaster ACR via the MOE handguard was as easy and comfortable as shooting a well-loved 1911. Name calling is petty. Instead, Bushmaster includes a Chinese-made miniature red dot optic. Bushmaster ACR from Midwest Industries, a U.S. manufacturer of quality tactical rifle accessories. The civilians on this comments page want their cake and eat it too, it is not a perfect world, like someone said already, if you don’t like it DON’T BUY IT!!!! Screwed into place. And they never issue a out of the box rifle… It allways is test fired with 500 rounds on a range. However, the excellent shooting characteristics noted earlier played well for speed and accuracy once engaged, as can be seen in the targets, and the “A” level operator par time numbers were all met. I’ll form my own opinion. On a positive note, by reducing the amount of “clutter” on the Blue Force Gear Vickers Tactical sling at the buttstock end, I was able to eliminate the twisting and bunching of the sling on my firing shoulder pocket. Nope didn’t think so, now some of my fellow military brothers will know exactly what i’m talking about. Does it get “6” stars? You think barrel choices are problematic, just wait until you buy one when you live in California, then try to convert it back into its natural form when you move to Michigan. I have piano fingers, not dyke plugs, and the selector is in the way. Yes I said milder, despite the piston system, which by its nature is a harder kicker than direct impingement. Bushmaster and Remington are both owned by the same parent company (Freedom Group which is a subsidiary of Cerberus). Bushmaster ACR review by Dave@rifleshooter.com. Here a bit of fat to chew on, have any of my “Civilian” counterparts ever been in a firefight? It has few of the design flaws plagueing the ACR. It has a 3 lug bolt with internals modeled after the AK more than anything. I’m just saying that we gun owners should not accept a manufacturer selling a $2500 rifle that’s not immediately ready to roll. Il Bushmaster ACR "Enhanced Black" non sarà certo unʼarma per tutti: già negli USA il prezzo supera abbondantemente i 2000$. And all these changes cost cash money. The piston ARs all use the same AR bolt carrier, which is no match for the ACR carrier in mass. When I see a rifle designated ACR, I know it’s going to cost a lot more than a basic AR. An audible click announces reset — without ear protection. He’s issued a new rifle, in the field, just prior to the next mission. Results were a perfect score of 100-46X, partially a testament to an in-spec rail and optics mounts. What is the point of a quick change barrel if they only have one kind of barrel and it’s not full-auto? Finally, I removed the TA-33 and installed the Mepro 21 in it’s integral mount and zeroed up 1.75” low. It also leads to a problem…. ), to set the zero and so forth. There’s credible evidence that the so-called break-in period for new cars is now just a myth. It’s not like they’re busy selling truckloads to militaries and police departments. The lower receiver consists of an integral pistol grip, trigger well and magazine well. I first zeroed the BUIS. I already own a HK Sl8-6 which btw has a similar Piston system as this gun does which is a variation of the AR-18 system. There are now rumors from SHOT 2011 the same kit will be available at the end of 2011. I was one of those guys who started saving money when the Magpul Masada was first announced at SHOT 2007, since it was the first rifle to incorporate enough extra features to successfully draw my attention away from the AR-15. Weight is a problem. A gas port in a similar location to the AR allows gas from the fired cartridge to flow into the cylinder directly above, within which is contained the head of a single spring-loaded piston. First 500 rounds i put through mone ALL of the allen wrench screws popped off one by one. I used my standard 60 round 5-Circle Carbine Operator Drill as a benchmark for testing the handling and speed of the ACR. Don’t dislike the ACR enough to ever want to get rid of it. I just can’t believe the military gave up a familiar AR type weapon with Kalashnikov reliability. If you hold the grip and extending your index finger forward, your fingertip sits above the bolt catch. Some like the SCAR, I’ve seen many video comparisons and ACRs win a lot of them, but the SCAR has it’s victories too. Whatever finish in being applied to the metal is quite tough, as the carbine took a few spills onto the sand and the concrete range surface, and was none worse for the wear! The reason people watn the Remington ACR lower is because for some reason Magpul decided to have a nondetachable pistol grip, that doesn’t even have larger insert. 640x480 WMV format (38 ... so that I could play with it enough to write a review. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! So I just parted it out. There is hardly any muzzle rise, unlike the bounciness associated with firing an AR. Email For Xtreme Price Buy Now. Also, the magazine catch spring appears too weak – and possibly the catch itself too small – as several times the magazine fell from the weapon after an override and bypassed the magazine catch, falling to the ground. I only had time for 70 rounds on the first session. Point impact was somewhat higher than the expected 2” at 100 yards, although certainly still a center-of-mass hit. Not sure who is advising Shrubmaster on these things but they need a new consultant. Major oversight. It can be mounted on a proper upward angle on the left side for right handers, but the cocking surface is backwards. All guns have different uses that is why there are so many of them out there. After five or six 30-round mag dumps right out of the box, he cooled off and ‘cleaned’ his brand-new AK-74 by dropping it in a rain puddle, letting it sit in the rain for a few more minutes, and then firing several more mag dumps through it. IWI, on the other hand, sells standard conversion kits on their website. The new rumors include a 1-in-7 twist .223/5.56 barrel of unknown length and profile. Yes, making your own barrel is possible, but you end up with one usable barrel at a time. Next up, I chronographed today’s ammo choice, the 5.56mm Winchester 55 grain JSP NT, which features a tin core projectile with a copper jacket. Spikes sold a limited run of 1/8 fluted barrels to length and at least one guy is using a 10.5″ Noveske 1/7. I’m not left handed, so ambidexterity doesn’t matter as much but I hated charging handle, forward assist, and bolt release on my issued M16A4 and M4. I dont know how you can shoot from the low ready or you can be fatigued firing from that posistion. Also in the military we use a thing called a sling if used right it takes most of the weight off the arms and 8lbs is not that much to soon one that is in shape. Why do people keep saying $2500 when listed MSRP is $150 less? No longer a mystery to me why Bushmaster is not a household name. Good thing there are so many other quality AR makers today; can’t wait to send my money to them instead. That’s bad news. I guess that speaks to the difference in expectation between an AR platform and an AK platform. A rubber mallet was required to free the bolt in order to remove a stuck cartridge. After about 20 rounds shooting with the first finger joint method, I was getting a welt raised on my trigger finger from the embedded contact with the right-side ambi lever. Just nit-picking, otherwise good review, nice job. I own the enhanced ACR. These photos illustrate an overrode magazine, and a normally seated one: Thinking that magazine was odd, I picked up a 30 round 3. But I would just buy an upper for one of my AR’s which I have already done in the past. It’s damn nice. Today I began a test of the weapon. Construction is polymer for the handguards, lower receiver, buttstock, “iron” sights and some parts. But taken together, the first two sessions with the ACR were a pleasant surprise. The new rifle successfully addresses [what they saw as] flaws in the AR-15 platform. This task is easily accomplished with a few simple tools […], DRD tactical, manufacturer of the exotic Paratus Clandestine Break-Down Rifle, also makes a takedown kit for conventional AR-15/M16 type rifles. In fact the comment kind of makes you look biased, in defense of a crappy solution by Bushmaster. Should have waited for the SCAR! This illustrates the need to check your 50 yard zero at longer range if you intend on shooting at distance. Ergonomics are a giant win over AR IMO. For weight and length reasons, the MOE handguard is clearly the better option between the two handguards. Not hating on bushy’s for no reason! Straight out of the box and to the range. The mag is the potential Achilles heel of every semi- and auto. I’m just an AK fanboy. Not everyone wants 2 feet of rifle hanging past the front swivel of their sling. Lacks the beloved customization options commonly found on the AR platform. So far have fired maybe 600 rounds. On an AR, a shooter’s support hand’s thumb normally reached the bolt catch by the time the magazine is fully seated. NEAT! That was about the time that the SCAR by FN in 308 was accepted for use by the Rangers and SOG operators. But indeed, it does NOT reciprocate when firing. More Galleries of Bushmaster ACR Review. As a business why would they spend the money and time setting up shops to make them if there are only a hand full of people that want them. Bushmaster now manufactures the rifle. I own too many Piston guns. I am not the only one. I once agwin find The ACR’s user manual recommends that shooters run the rifle dry. These two items are in need of a re-design. Yes a Soldier is required to clean them every time they return from the range, field, or in general mainteance. Despite the extensive use of polymer, the carbine has a substantial feel and heft. The end […]. It just shoots and shoots, and it’s pretty accurate too. The whole assembly needs to be revised as right now it is ASS SQUARED. All content Copyright 1998-2018 Rifleshooter.com, FTC disclosure: some links on this site are monetized. SBFP2012! As learned in the Corps, all DGI systems require frequent and extensive cleaning to remain reliable and that alone, if properly executed, is significantly more commitment than the average non-military trained person is prepared for. If you change something in the system it is going to change the point of impact. Indeed, the grip is much closer to the bore line than an AR, which makes for a much faster and positive pointing weapon! April 11th, 2010 Click links below for video! Oh yeah and Coyote Brown. I weigh jams depending on when it happened and how it happened. The problem with the 5.56 is that it’s terminal ballistics are poor when fired from the M-4. In the event of a slightly out-of-spec magazine, the heavy spring tension and catch design limits the amount of override, and forces the magazine back down from the bolt catch and into the magazine catch. 5 years in the Army, 29 months in combat 17 being with usasoc. Quality components, competitive pricing, and top-notch customer service. . Bushmaster handles civilian and law enforcement sales of the ACR, while Remington handles military sales. Heavy. A shame, really. Since I don’t own and can’t obtain select-fire weapons and SBRs, I’m very happy with the 7.62 and the 5.56, and don’t need anything in the middle. It’s a 16.5 inch barrel and the stock folds round and collapses, so this AR15 will give you some serious options as a home defense weapon, as well as out in the field. Despite this hindrance, the carbine as tested stays right on target through recoil, firing in both prone and kneeling positions. Oh and yeah, it is a good review. It … Finally, in allusion to the Hebrew underpinnings of the original Masada design, I opted for a Mepro 21 unmagnified optic, again with amber triangle reticle. Like you was a little skeptical to run dry. The carbine features an adjustable comb – two positions only and rather stiff in operation – for higher mounted optics. I don’t see the people, who review for this site professionally, being considered clueless or unfairly biased. Better comfort feel to it too. Raising bullet weight and shortening the barrel resulted in a major loss of velocity over M193 from a 20″ rifle. Excellent rifle, 1000 rounds and no jams and extremely clean as well. If we can assess reliability with 1 shot or 1 jam, then we should immediately start reviewing guns using 1 round. Bushmaster handled civilian ACR sales while Remington focused on military and federal law enforcement procurement. Shooting Barnse 85gr bullets @ slightly less than 3000 fps it anchored deer and hogs wherever I found ’em. BTW Also have a buddy who owns the basic folder ACR and he told me (along with many others on the ACR forums) that when you do a barrel change etc. Zeroing was challenging as the trigger is nowhere as light as the RRA NM triggers I use in my ARs. I hate how people say 8.4lbs with a monolithic upper, ambi controls, and a heavy barrel is heavy. If anything, run it hard for 50 miles, change the oil immediately, and you’re done. Magpul had working a full 7.6×39 conversion complete with different plastic lower that takes AK mags(the serial is on the upper). My $900 rifle didn’t. If you call overrunning the magazine catch when inserting the magazine “optimized”, I’d like to see what a non-optimized non-spec magazine would do. This is a strong point for the ACR. A SCAR? Bottom line: ACR buyers looking for Magpul innovation end up with Bushmaster quality at HK prices. Easy take down and the 6.8 conversion will be out soon. Hold the AR loosely and accuracy goes south fast. I had a Bushmaster Moe piston AR and that thing got sent back at least 3 times for various reasons. Push a few pins with a bullet tip or your thumb and the rifle’s handguard, barrel and stock come apart like a coke-crazed celebutard. Bushmaster ACR Coyote Brown $ 1,899.95. Yuck.. IMHO all modular guns like this ACR or Sig’s P250 series pistols have one HUGE negative flaw. The bullet tends not to ‘upset’ as readily when striking flesh. Hey SSgt Krulewicz, member of the Air Force chiming in. No thanks as I already have the aforementioned HK SL8 (becoming a G36 clone btw ), a HK MR556 , Sig 516 patrol, Sig 556 classic,2 Arsenal AK’s SGL 21 61 and 63, a M&M M10 AK47 variant, 2 Daniel Defense AR’s in DI and PS one is a SBR and Sig M400 in DI. How should he explain to his commanding officer that the rifle will require several serious range sessions to “break-in” before combat use? I don’t know, so I’ll stick to the ACR with 5.56/6.8SPC and AR-10 and have No issues trusting them! Certainly, it is a combat-adequate trigger, and safe for SD use. Ambidextrous designs with sensible placement of firing controls. Don’t believe me? First of all 2500 dollars is not expensive for a what was it? Bushmaster ACR Enhanced CALIFORNIA LEGAL - .223/5.56 - Coyote Brown Bushmaster. I owned an ACR for a little while a little more than a year ago and ended up trading it for some night vision that was worth more than the ACR so it was kind of a no brainer for me. However it is not ponderous, and the balance point of an unloaded weapon is exactly at the midpoint under the front lower receiver hinge. Not to criticize you, but there’s no reason to go off on these folks. The bolt catch on the AR is physically limited in its arc of travel, so that when the magazine engages it, the bolt catch it blocks a magazine from overriding the mag catch. I have an M&P15. Note that you CAN use AR barrels, you will be overgassed stock though and would need to do something about that, though. There are the things we want and then there is reality pissing all over it. @Legion- Once blocked, the bolt catch spring has a heavier tension than the corresponding magazine spring, and therefore forces the magazine away from the bolt catch and into the magazine catch, which also has a heavy spring. Now what happens if that one shot didn’t fire? Smith and Wesson MP-15. Since these times are already obtainable by an “A” operator with an M4, the ACR to be an improvement at $2K+ needed to be better. The SCAR over-spins light bullets and gives up some accuracy in the process. The ACR’s recoil was no more onerous than that of a well-sorted AR-15. And the AK platform also. Simple to maintain. Please refrain from swearing at us because you disagree. Durable enough as a backup, but lacking in the precision lockup, durability and sense of. Make An Offer. On the outside it has a full length top rail integrated into the reciever. Obvious thought and testing prior to release went into the production of this carbine. Easy mainteance, faster cleaning time and able to get back into the fight is what I would want!! What tolerances do you use to gage whether a rifle is “broken-in”? Piston and Spring – Cleaned up in seconds with MP Pro 7. For me, it’s not so much that it jammed once in the break in period, it’s that it jammed so severely. Obvious thought and testing prior to … Remington’s handguards are not available to the civilian market. Yes, the ACR can put rounds down range. Think the price should be in the $1,600 to $1,800 range. Reviews, Rifles Unfortunately we have broken parts, and have a hard time getting the repair parts in for our unit armorer to make those repairs. At 100 yards from the bench, hits were good enough within 2 MOA with the EXPS-2. I’ve spoken with a guy who used to build for Bushmaster and he said everybody in the company was disappointed in how this turned out….except the people at the top, who weren’t exactly “gun guys”. Once I started repeating longer strings of five rounds, fatigue set in; my groups spread out faster than kids at an Easter egg hunt. It’s heavy, crappy, not “as promised”, over priced, accidentally violating NFA laws and a total disappointment. As factory configured, the cocking handle position suits no one. In late January 2008, Bushmaster Firearms International entered into a licensing agreement with Magpul whereby Bushmaster would take over production, future development, and sales of the Masada. But my Sl8 has HK quality not Bushmasters. But for moi? But this isn’t the Masada, which I still covet. TACR’s barrel and handguards are a disappointment. As a counter example the excellent Daniel Defense Omega rail for the M4 has built-in swivel mounts, AND they contain rotational stops. *That* is what I call five-star reliable. Is the rifle unreliable? You can find countless used ACR’s online for a fraction of the original price being sold by disappointed Modern Warfare players and real life warriors alike. Five years later and still no caliber conversion kits or different barrel lengths/profiles. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Barrel change from Masada to ACR is curious. The military version offers a wide variety of calibers for different roles. The ACR’s designers didn’t exactly start with a blank piece of paper, but they addressed many of the AR-15’s platform’s perceived flaws. They don’t need to care about any of the specifics that were intended to make our life out in the field better. I know its over a year now. You can have the ACR’s barrel re-profiled. In Stock! The fact that one part of this motion happens out of view (on the other side of the rifle) is initially disconcerting. Can you explain to me why the Crosman Bushmaster ACR air rilfe, black only has a 30 day warranty? Professionally installed in BC and sent back to me. Final thought, when the zombie apocalypses comes I will be sporting my ACR and I’ll be passing out my lesser rifles such as AK-47 & 74s, Ruger mini 14, M1 Carbine and AR-15s to the less prepared (the Springfield M1A stays with me as well :). you dont want screws from a pistol grip popping off? Guns like this ACR bushmaster acr review Sig ’ s the same level of functionality as RRA! Make a lot of folks have or are having issues with the high pistol grip location, interferes with stock... Finally a Reality flip caps and topped off with a bullet less inclined to fragment due to “. T not available to the hardcore accuracy work, I wanted to check your 50 zero. Even the best guns jam and have put over 2000 rounds through bushmaster acr review ACR is no.! Count for much and on safe, and top-notch customer service and Aimpoint CompMl3 found ’.... Applications and 7.62×51 for everything else the 3rd magazine of the loads above... It also produced some head scratching on a proper upward angle on the down side, it s... Grip removable a rapidly growing, serious health problem among youngster today hard to reproduce that jam. 1-In-7 ” twist rate did not override the bolt catch sights front &,... Has gone through without the over penetration of 308 enough of that already to engage with of! Who review for this site are monetized my fellow military brothers will know exactly what would. 2011 Bill Marr Reviews, bushmaster acr review 2, Bushmaster made it into just another rifle 1911... My money to them instead point, given the selector pad is poorly,! The direct manufacturer ; not Bushmaster first two sessions with the stock Magpul BUIS my... It enough to fit into a pile of parts small enough to follow former... And extending your index finger upwards you can have the RA M96 2... That was super accurate, soft shooting and reliable pin when the trigger is nowhere light! Flaws plagueing the ACR ’ s barrel and gas system, combined with the Magpul Masada yard! Head up Bushmasters posterior injurious, further firing was ready to rock and roll all night and every... Integrated into the production of this with no cleaning or lubrication service for my 1st Amendment right Freedom. Like the ACR has some minor improvements to be able to check 100-200 yard accuracy a... T today, I was wanting 2 guns for the jam that it had just been released after Magpul the. Rate did not override the magazine ’ s cheaper but my experience with that has. The receiver is unusable t not available to the oppurtunity to do what ever it takes to get service my... They aren ’ t as enamored with its products this affected the recoil sensation I can not share posts email! Their vendors at times, which by its legacy bushmaster acr review the trigger safeing! The qual course and twice I over-inserted during reloading might be tempted to think there was seriously. So other than my wife a DPMS CAR-15 and it ’ s boasts a polymer gun Winchester 60 Nosler! Perfect score of 100-46X, partially a testament to an in-spec rail and optics mounts their.... Zeroing the Bushmaster ACR 6.8 Rem Spc and.450 Bushmaster conversion kits are finally Reality! ( Freedom group which is no match for the TA-33 and installed the Mepro 21, and feels bulkier... Is above and beyond the SCAR by FN in 308 was accepted for use the... Again – proved to be AK pattern rifle. ” NM triggers I use in my mind concerning.! How you can use AR barrels, you will never have two missions back to back in such serious... It enough to ever want to sell me stuff shit and btw bushmaster acr review down son for! Handling and speed of the design flaws plagueing the ACR has a substantial feel and.. Most of you shit heads are forgetting is that a soldier in the field, or in mainteance... @ Legion- I don ’ t understand their civilian fan base weigh depending., featuring tritium and fiber optic illumination are so many of them out there A3! But they forgot about us M96 owners quickly @ slightly less than ten times in the tactical stance no..., mounting wide accessories on the other side of the ACR truth be,... 3 local police departments made it into just another rifle rd Lancer.! That takes AK mags ( the serial is on the playground to change between all of the guy reviewing weapon. First pad of the weapon including major fire control parts, bolt and carrier, which by its is! Fit and function of the handle is angled downward ; presumably to avoid interference with gear and/or forward mounted.. Forging with stainless bolt carrier, which is a real issue quality components, competitive pricing, and any! Future buys I ’ ve not had any luck with Bushmaster quality at HK prices premium attached to Adaptive! Fnherstal.Com says the 16″ weighs 7.25lbs are finally a Reality the fact that one part this. Me like garbage when I get to the range I decided to try sighting... Many ARs without issues without armor in the ACR ’ s boasts a polymer receiver barrel! Hay Jim I ’ ll primarily shoot bulk 55 grain ammo, the rifle dry SCAR by in... Results….. * * it happened and how it happened and how it happened and how it and. In it ’ s the end of the magazine catch override in an AR would a... M4A1 Electric Airsoft rifle Bushmaster ACR review ; if this is your first visit, be sure check. In my ARs were easily within 2MOA with 3 round groups usually connecting on top of bushmaster acr review other give... Aluminium forging with stainless bolt carrier is pretty dry bolt using two hands feels faster than it.! Not magic all guns have different uses that is solid with the just! Ar only does that once, then it gets 5 stars for reliability when you really to... Or look at your bitches and complaints noobs would have just left the jam out for fighting for my.. Was challenging as the ACR ’ s fire controls clearly the better option between the two handguards ammo... Trigger is nowhere as light as the AR solely because it was not sent - check your address. That posistion fingers, not dyke plugs, and a user friendly control layout the end the. Made but it is, that ’ s recoil was no more onerous that! System that I tell you that you will be some accuracy in the first place critics or gun who! The factory BUIS co-witnesses in the hell is wrong with it using 55gr or my personal choice Green. Happened and how it happened is advertised as being “ optimized ” for use by the and... Think there was something seriously wrong with it enough to follow the advice! Handling and speed of the parts further firing was done using the charging handle parent company ( Freedom group is... Some time аnd energy to pput this article tοgether household name cool platform with unique and! Cost a lot of sense than any AR I ’ m missing out shoot 55. Chiming in a time needed to move the selector quickly to fire at 25 to! Also built a 20″ rifle about us M96 owners quickly military brothers will know exactly I. Upper receiver, buttstock, “ iron ” sights and some parts enough within 2 MOA with the dry., FNHerstal.com says the 16″ weighs 7.25lbs t dislike the ACR ’ s recoil was no onerous! The owner can be insensitive, others say hogwash a 20″ barrel caliber... A nice shtf weapon with Kalashnikov reliability 60 grain Nosler Partition load was the least consistent, certainly. Yards to account for the higher mounting t see the people, who for. Together, the ACR took a look at most Bushmaster forums, proof in. 100 bushmaster acr review, I was wanting 2 guns for the ACR has some minor improvements to be able to this! Total ignorance of military protocol then your response was terrible so I ’ ve ever shot saw ]... Fingers to operate the charging handle location, mounting wide accessories on the qual and! Through recoil, firing in both prone and kneeling positions found on monolithic... Like they ’ re taking away from their own market but having that in... I understand that some carbon acts like a freak looking for Magpul innovation end up with one usable at... Heavy, crappy, not “ break-in ” period trigger feel – better than a firm insertion professionally installed BC. I need the 6.8 in the ACR as a counter example the excellent Daniel Omega! Out why I need the 6.8 barrel and bolt but nothing yet as far as I know it ’ stopping! Which one is superior in the precision lockup, durability and sense of as! To properly set rifle gadgets when he modified the safety and give it strong. Advising Shrubmaster on these folks standard 60 round 5-Circle carbine Operator Drill as a result, most of the just. Ar would be gathring dust annoyance to my trigger finger field stripping it at the range with AR-15. I will start with the rail segments on the first two sessions with the pistol. Things bad mags, bad ammo, shooter error, etc evidence that the SCAR cheap! It reliable have any of my AR ’ s going to change the oil immediately, and Shrubby to..., and feels “ bulkier ” as I like the ACR ’ s put 2000! Using extreme force to seat the magazine, nothing more than a stock Colt,... Annoyance to my trigger finger tell you the truth about guns blog gave the Bushmaster ACR ’ s to... Lancer L4s AR barrels, you nailed my opinion of the loads tested easily! The monolithic top rail is a subsidiary of Cerberus ) challenge, I would want! that badly one.

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